• Investors should  carefully  read sales literature, prospectuses, and/or other offering documents before investing or sending money. 
  • Investors should recognize all investments have inherent risks involved. As such, investments have the potential to lose money.
  • Investors should understanding the key relationship between risk and return.
  • If seeking investment advice, imparting information is part of the exchange. Being upfront with your financial status, goals, and risk tolerance will ensure that appropriate recommendations are provided.
  • Investors should notify us of any significant changes in their financial situation, including risk tolerance, liquidity needs, income, or investment objectives
  • Investors should review their portfolio holdings on a regular basis.
  • Investors should promptly bring problems or questions concerning their accounts to the attention of their financial advisor.
  • Investors choosing automated channels for their trading needs independent of their financial advisor (Internet or telephone) are fully responsible for their own investment choices.
  • Investors should carefully consider the validity and reliability of investment information obtained from all sources, especially unsolicited information over the Internet.