1. Representatives will treat investors in a fair, ethical and respectful manner each time we meet. 

2. Representatives will deliver investors with competent and courteous advisement at a fair price. 

3. Representatives have the obligation to give clear and transparent disclosure with regards to understanding the fees, commissions, and transaction associated with investor accounts. 

4. Paceline Financial knows how important information privacy is in the current climate. Therefore, we will not sell, distribute, or make any private investor or account information public.

5. Representatives will assist in setting realistic expectations about the potential long-term risk and return associated with different investments.

6. Representatives will provide responsible investment recommendations based on each investor’s objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance.

7. Paceline Financial will supply a prompt response should a problem arise with any investor’s accounts.

In this business, time value is the most crucial component of your investments. As such, the longer your relationship with us, the better. We want to help establish realistic expectations about potential long-term risk and return associated with various types of investments.